Citizen Photo Printer OP900ii

Premium printing for professionals

When quality and speed is critical to printing your photos, look no further than the Citizen OP900ii. 


The OP900ii is a high-performance dye sublimation colourfast photo printer that prints up to 50% faster than competing machines and is easy to use with both Windows and Mac OS X. While the robust construction and fast throughput help to make the OP900ii a favourite of professional photographers, it is the exceptional quality that delivers a consistent luxury finish that secure its status as one of the best photo printers on the market today.  


Choose the OP900ii for outstanding colour.


The OP900ii has been independently tested by colour consultants, who found that there are four key reasons why the OP900ii is the best printer on the market for both colour and B&W printing:


  • High dynamic range – The OP900ii‘s high quality thermal head can comfortably print a black density in excess of 2.0 (Dmax). A rich black increases the dynamic range of photos, resulting in photos with fine detail in both shadow and highlight areas.
  • Neutral greys – OP900ii prints are more neutral across the grey tonal range compared with other leading printers. Neutral greys are critical for black and white photos and wedding photos.
  • Printer consistency – Printer to printer, media batch to batch, the OP900ii is impressively consistent. Independent research shows the OP900ii has an average colour difference (deltaE) of less than 2.0, an almost imperceptible colour change to the human eye.
  • Less metamerism – Metamerism is where a colour changes when viewed under different light sources. The OP900ii’s advanced colour engine results in prints that suffer noticeably less metamerism when compared with other printers on the market. 

Key benefits

  • Top quality – print outs feature outstanding depth of colour, consistency and permanency 
  • High speed – prints a 4x6” (10x15cm) photo in just 8 seconds
  • Low cost per print – high capacity ribbon delivers 600 4x6” (10x15cm) images per roll of media
  • User friendly – simple set up and quick and easy media changing
  • Two finishing options – choose between a glossy or matte surface finish

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Mac OS X


  • USB 2.0

Typical application

  • Event photography
  • Theme park rides
  • Retail photo kiosk
  • Studio photography
  • Wedding photography

Citizen Photo Printer OP900ii

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