Studio Lighting & Pro accessories

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185cm Parabolic Light Modifier (PLM) with white Diffuser

This item is nothing short of a game changer if you are shooting newborns and portraits.  Anyon..

€126.00 (ex vat)

60 inch (153cm) Transparent Umbrella

60 inch (153cm) Transparent UmbrellaThis Large size umbrella really produces wonderful light.St..

€28.45 (ex vat)

Easy assemble Octabox (120cm)

Easy assemble Octabox (120cm)This is an easy and very quick Octabox to assemble and take down.Very c..

€109.75 (ex vat)

LED Light Wand

LED Light WandHand held led light wand, provides beautiful soft consistent light, ideal for pro..

€126.00 (ex vat)

Light Stand ( Air Cushioned ) 270cm/

Light Stand ( Air Cushioned ) 270cm/106in/8ft 8inSturdy and strong, this premium studio light stand ..

€34.15 (ex vat)

Ne630c speedlight for Canon

This Canon Powerful (GN 62) flavoured speed light has everything you need from a speed light. E-TTL,..

€130.00 (ex vat)

NiceFoto N600, 600w Cordless, Battery powered Canon & Nikon studio flash head, TTL and HSS

NiceFoto N600, 600w Cordless, Battery powered Canon & Nikon studio flash head, TTL and HSSThe ne..

€605.70 (ex vat)

Nikon 910EX-RF Speed light Radio Controlled

This Nikon flavoured radio controlled speed light (2.4Hz) is a must for Nikon shooters.Very powerful..

€158.55 (ex vat)

Nikon Hi-speed flash trigger by nicefoto

For Nikon, You need this Nikon Trigger to communicate between the camera and the flash unit to trigg..

€52.85 (ex vat)

TTL-316C Canon Hi-speed flash trigger

Features1.Hi-speed sync 1/8000s,ony for Canon series.2.Frequency FSK2.4GHz,operation range Channel S..

€52.85 (ex vat)

Umbrella Flash Mount Kit

Umbrella mount flash kitWe think flash kit is such a fab product – a speed-light mount with an umbre..

€24.40 (ex vat)

Compact Plus Location Kit 912511-EU

Compact Plus Location Kit+ 2 x Compact Plus MKII, 200 Ws+ 1 x 4 Channel Radio Trigger Kit +..


Profilite Essential Kit I 2 x 500 Ws 914741-EU

PROFILITE 500 // 500 Ws Studio Light If you are used to work with a premium quality flash like the ..